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July 6, 2011
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Steam-propelled fighter I by CUTANGUS Steam-propelled fighter I by CUTANGUS
The World could be a different place concerning aircraft propulsion, if German scientists and engineers had choose a different way to use turbine power than a pure jet gas turbine.
During the 30's, several Countries (USSR, Germany, U.K, U.S.A., Sweden, France, Italy and Japan) had technical people working on some kind of steam turbine applied to aviation. In those days, if they had been asked, they had answered that, in the future, long transatlantic flights could be performed with some special steam engine instead of the Diesels or petrol engines of the then current flying boats.
I designed this conceptual aircraft based on steam turbine power; the steam is generated in special, very high temperature boilers placed in the two rear nacelles, one upper and the other under the main wing / fuselage.
These boilers burn sequentially solid thermite bars, and must be regeneratively cooled by water that instantly boils into high temperature steam. Rear facing openings are for releasing the entire boiler in an emergency situation.
Contrail is formed by the steam turbine exhaust, and the propellers are moved by the turbine through a reduction gear.
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Original and interesting design, the engine idea isn't far out. Packard built a steam turbine powered car during the early years of the 20thC.  The engine was very compact and outperformed cars like the Ford Model T, it was also automatic, one turn of the key and a pushed button & you're ready to go in under a minute.  The technology didn't go further because the price of the other cars came down in comparison.  brill work man
I'm searching for an aviation artist to do a image of a F4   are you interested
Lovely design, looks very cool. Yay for steampunk.
I wouldn't want to land this thing after running out of fuel though... ;p
Augos Jul 6, 2011  Student General Artist
very creative awesome!
Philbear Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool concept and render! I like how you solved the fuel but water consumption with open loop steam propulsion was always the issue. Hard to station fresh water tanks at altitude unless you use This would be a very cool patrol craft for one of those giant trans-Atlantic steam-airships!
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