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July 6, 2011
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Steam-propelled fighter II by CUTANGUS Steam-propelled fighter II by CUTANGUS
The World could be a different place concerning aircraft propulsion, if German scientists and engineers had choose a different way to use turbine power than a pure jet gas turbine.
During the 30's, several Countries (USSR, Germany, U.K, U.S.A., Sweden, France, Italy and Japan) had technical people working on some kind of steam turbine applied to aviation. In those days, if they had been asked, they had answered that, in the future, long transatlantic flights could be performed with some special steam engine instead of the Diesels or petrol engines of the then current flying boats.
I designed this conceptual aircraft based on steam turbine power; the steam is generated in special, very high temperature boilers placed in the two rear nacelles, one upper and the other under the main wing / fuselage.
These boilers burn sequentially solid thermite bars, and must be regeneratively cooled by water that instantly boils into high temperature steam. Rear facing openings are for releasing the entire boiler in an emergency situation.
Contrail is formed by the steam turbine exhaust, and the propellers are moved by the turbine through a reduction gear.
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Would they be able to find pilots crazy enough to fly that thing without a good ejection seat?
LordOmegaZ Nov 6, 2013   Digital Artist
nice to see you got a lot of VTOL ww2 designs ^^
Its one cool!! idea you have here, I would love to see it fromthe front one day if its possible
Thermite as fuel, now that's a new one for me.

Sorry, my mind was trying to work out how such a system would work and be practical. Wonder how much water you would need for a usable range. Maybe flash boil the water in small batches and feed the very high pressure steam to an accumulator tank. Then just have a regulator between the tank and turbine. Refill the accumulator tank with a new batch of very high pressure steam when the pressure in the tank gets down to a certain point.

Aside from that, would make for a heck of a sky writing machine! :)
CUTANGUS Jul 7, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Excellent deduction. In any case, a short range if steam is expelled instead of being recovered in condensators open to cool air stream.
Closed circuit water is great in a long range airplane, but difficult in a smaller one. More ducts implies more battle damage from enemy bullets. So I elected a one-use water and some 350 Kg extra thrust from steam exhaust. I estimated in 4.400 shp the max power from the steam turbine, for a 6.000 Kg. max weight airplane flying at 710 Km/h at 7.000 m.
Not only extra battle damage but also a condenser would add considerable weight to the machine that could have gone to payload and/or range.

I remember talking to someone who had knowledge on steam engines developments. It was found that a large steam turbine in a railroad engine would produce a /lot/ of power but would use up its water reserve in a rather short period of time.

I could see engineers also trying to do a tangent development on a craft using a steam powered radial engine instead, something I've been really wanting to develop. Perhaps for something more civilian based. What really catches my attention with your design, is the fact the technology isn't fossil fuel based and may actually be even practical with today's technology.
Its awesome how all people know more that all German Enginers in WW2
and how in postwar all space program , fighters , tanks , submarines even the nuclear bomb after the end of WW2 uses technical data from captured german archives but today any people can belive that are more smart because Allied propaganda says that German technology not was great even if all postwar weapon were based in german ideas =D

Awesome , this time its fantastic.
CUTANGUS Jul 7, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Soon I will show a design of the Thermite boiler.
Also, a water boiler can be designed using as fuels powerful but very toxic chemical agent combination like ClF3 + Hydrazine or one with H2O2 + Pentaborane. It's a mean to put more difficulties to the scenario.
You would have to use a condenser. At 4,400 shp the engine would consume about 1,100 lb. (550 kg) of steam a minute.
Torpedo motor design would be worth looking at for a starting point.
Another fuel would be hydrogen peroxide like the Me-163 used.

Very sweet work!
MCMXC2 Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
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